Mike's Parcel Pickup


Mike and Karin Ohmann, owners of Mike’s Trustworthy Hardware, often heard the complaints of their Canadian clients who wanted to buy something online from an American company but were told that shipping would be extremely expensive or wasn’t available. The resulting question presented to Mike and Karen was “Could I buy it online, ship it to ‘Mike’s Trustworthy Hardware’ and come get it a later date?” With that, Mike’s Parcel was born. From a few shelves at the back of a “Mom & Pop” hardware store, to a new, 10,000 square foot warehouse facility, Mike’s Parcel provides a shipping address for a wide range of Canadian friends.

On January 1st, 2019, Mike’s Parcel was purchased by Mason and Vanessa Peters . . .  friends of Mike and Karin Ohmann who had watched the company develop from the beginning.  Mason and Vanessa grew up in Manitoba, Canada, currently reside in Pembina, ND and are committed to offering the same high level of quality and personal service that has been a trademark of Mike’s Parcel from the beginning.

From individual shoppers who need a US shipping address to companies large and small that require storage for large shipments, Mike’s Parcel continues to provide quality storage and handling for your purchases, professional inventory management and service, and a great customer service experience.

Mike’s Parcel would be thrilled to help you with your next purchase!

Mason & Vanessa Peters, Your MVP Team