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Coronavirus Update: As you are well aware, travel across the US/Canada border has been disrupted in a significant way for the time being. Commercial traffic, however, is not affected. Please note that during the entire duration of the border restrictions, Mike's Parcel will continue receiving your parcels as usual. Feel free to make your orders and we will be happy to hold them until such a time as you can retrieve them. If you would like to have your parcels delivered to Manitoba, Runnin Red would be an excellent choice (; 1-888-699-0990).

We want to encourage all of you that this crazy time WILL pass. As difficult and inconvenient as it is, we live in blessed countries and look forward to seeing you all again as life returns to "normal."


Mason and Vanessa Peters


Cross border shipping will never be easier! It's as simple 1-2-3: your name, our address, then pick it up at Mike's Parcel! Rest assured your parcels are safe and sound in our secure location, conveniently located in Pembina - just a quick hour south of Winnipeg.

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A Secure Border Storage Facility

From individual shoppers who need a US shipping address to companies large and small that require storage for large shipments, Mike’s Parcel continues to provide quality storage and handling for your purchases, professional inventory management and service, and a great customer service experience. We’d be thrilled to help you with your next purchase!


Buy online from your desired company. Our service is ideal for all kinds of shipments including auto and motorcycle parts, paper products, hobby products etc … great for Ebay users! We also accept ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, etc, almost anything (legal, of course).

02. SHIP

When completing your purchase, be sure to fill in the shipping address with ours! Mike’s Parcel is located at 373 West Stutsman Street Pembina, North Dakota 58271. Ex. Jane Doe, 373 West Stutsman Street, Pembina, ND. Most shipments arrive at our facility within 1 to 3 days. Climate control available upon request only.


Rest assured your parcels are safe and sound in our secure location, conveniently located in Pembina, three blocks East of Gastrak/Interstate 29 (exit 215). We do our best when receiving, handling & storing your purchases. However, Mike’s is NOT liable for items that are damaged in the box; exposed or concealed. Climate control available upon request only.


By using our services at Mike's Parcel, you acknowledge that all storage fees will be re-charged for any items not picked up after 6 months. Any items left for 12 months become the property of Mike's Parcel and will be disposed of at our discretion unless arrangements have been made.


Of Excellence

 It’s our goal at Mike’s to handle your products with care. We hope your visit to Mike’s will be a great experience.

Runnin’ Red

Check out our partners Runnin’ Red to pick up your packages and bring them to Canada. Don’t waste time, fuel, or your patience traveling to the U.S. for your purchases. We pride ourselves on being able to handle a variety of North American logistic needs from small parcel to LTL shipping and Canada Customs Clearance.

Runnin' Red